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History in the Making

From a crazy idea to reality.

The Tap Truck mobile bar saga continues in Denver.

About Tap Truck Denver

Welcome to Tap Truck Denver. Jamey and Scott’s bromance began in 2014 when the two salt-water aquarium enthusiasts met to discuss a fish tank build. The friendship between the firefighter and PR exec. continued to blossom over the years as the two bonded over all things sports and craft beer.

From the start, the dynamic duo both had an entrepreneurial mindset and wanted to start a business together. Once the reality set in that they were about 600 million dollars short of the capital required to purchase an NHL hockey team, they began searching for a more viable businesses venture.

After a long search they found the light at the end of the tunnel when a friend from Long Island, NY mentioned they attended a party with this really cool mobile bar concept called Tap Truck. The two loved the idea and reached out to Tap Truck USA owner Corbin O’Reilly to learn more. To their wonder and amazement, the Denver market was still available. Some might call it fate, but Jamey and Scott call it destiny. In 2020, Tap Truck Denver became a reality and the search for a truck began.

Tap Truck truly is a family and with an introduction from Corbin, Jamey and Scott met Charlie Grab, owner/operator of Tap Truck New England. A classic car collector, Charlie soon introduced the boys to a gorgeous 1941 Ford Panel truck that just happened to be for sale. With beautiful lines, and sleek orange body, Ginger, as she is affectionately known, would soon be making her way to the Mile High City. Colorado loves its Bronco’s and Ginger is a perfect color match for this football crazy, craft beer mad city.

From Denver to Longmont, Boulder to Parker and all points in between, Ginger can be seen bringing smiles and ice-cold craft beer, wine, mixed drinks and other beverages to weddings, parties, festivals, sporting events, corporate events and much more.

For more information on different Tap Truck locations or business inquiries, please visit Tap Truck USA

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